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If you’re an Elderly or Senior U.S. Veteran or the spouse of a Veteran, you may be eligible for supplemental income paid to you by the Veteran Administration to help with the financial challenges of everyday living.

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-Catherine J.

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Success Stories

Feby Pelenkahu & Mildred L.

August 11, 2014

A-1 Home Care is happy to recognize Feby Pelenkahu as one of our most outstanding in home caregivers for senior and elderly clients in Orange County. When Feby first joined our caregiver agency, she provided care at home for an elderly client in Balboa Island. For the last 2 years, Feby has been a first-rate elder caregiver for Mildred L in Newport Beach, California. Feby has nine years’ experience as a 24 hour caregiver in Orange County and Los Angeles County and she credits her mother for setting a superb example of what it means to be an in home care service provider.

Feby said her mom was a caregiver and really enjoyed helping senior and elderly people so when she was old enough, Feby followed in her mother’s footsteps. She has never regretted her choice to care for the sick and elderly. Feby likes to learn from her Clients and listens to their life stories – it broadens her soul and strengthens her heart. She feels fortunate to be able to provide in homecare to others and is thankful that all her senior patients have been so wonderful. She is very happy and thankful to be in a position as a live in caregiver to make a difference in the lives of elderly patients and their families. She says since she and Mrs. L go to church together every Sunday, Feby feels even more blessed. They grow closer every week and enjoy going to the beach, shopping and out to dinner or lunch. With Feby’s assistance, Mrs. L can enjoy outings with her husband, daughter, friends and neighbors – things she wasn’t able to do after her stroke.

Feby recounted how Mrs. L’s family was hesitant to hold Christmas dinner at their mother’s house for fear of overwhelming their elderly loved one. Feby said she pointed out that she was there to help not just Mrs. L with daily activities but with any family gathering or event. Feby and her mom helped to decorate the house and Mrs. L got to have her whole family come for a big Christmas party. Feby said the family is so warm and gracious, they made her feel like she was family as well.

A-1 Home Care recognizes Feby’s glowing spirit and generous heart for the treasures they are and is grateful to have such a caring, compassionate and diligent elder caregiver as part of our home care agency. Thank you, Feby.

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