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Success Stories

Camila Reyes & Rose & Helen

A-1 Home Care Success Stories June 2016
June 17, 2016

In her 5 years as a Care Provider with us, Camila Reyes has seen a variety of the types of patients we work with here at A-1 Home Care. Being well rounded and able to adapt to any sort of situation or patient is part of what makes her so valuable to us. Her assignments take her across Los Angeles County and Orange County. She acknowledges that each client is just as unique as their individual needs and relishes opportunities and challenges to grow.

For the last four years Camila had been delivering exquisite Dementia Care for her patient Rose in the city of Montebello. While her condition for the majority of her arraignment was quite stable, there was a lot of responsibilities for our Home Care Professional. She was not the most mobile of individuals during their time together so this client needed a great deal of help physically transferring in different situations. Her diet was particular and her meals needed a lot of attention from ingredients to making sure there was no choking hazard. In her administration of Elder Care to Rose, Camila would need to provide her with a degree of guidance in times when the Dementia would affect her memory. The pair would enjoy television programming and delightful conversation.

Camila’s most recent patient, Helen in Costa Mesa, really counts on her to provide alert Companion Elderly Services. Regular breathing monitoring and calming of nerves and paranoia make up the majority of Camila’s duties with Helen. Helen is very close to her family so Camila does all she can to help them stay connected with regular phone calls and arranging for visits.

Advise she would stress to her peers is the importance of communication and understanding with the patients and the value of having your heart in everything you do as a Caregiver. “Make sure you’re really there for the clients”. She takes great pride in a day’s work knowing “I left the client satisfied, I left them in good health and in good spirits”. It is this tremendous attitude and work ethic that make all of us here at A-1 Home Care proud of the job that Camila does.