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Success Stories

Renato Umayam & Donald

A-1 Home Care Success Stories August 2016
August 16, 2016

Here at A-1 Home Care we recognize that for some Home Care Providers, there is a person or a defining moment that makes it clear they have a calling for the Care Giver business. For others, Home Care runs in their blood. Our very own Renato Umayan will tell you the same. Coming from a long line of those involved in Home Care Service, Renato states that “if you are in the business of home care, Elderly Care, it makes you loveable”. With his Certified Nurse’s Assistant training and over 10 years’ experience delivering superb Personal Home Care, Renato is a stand-out amongst his peers and a true asset here at A-1 Home Care.

A systematic and detailed individual, Renato feels most effective in the areas of Hospice Care and servicing as a Dementia Caregiver. “With hospice patients, it is actually a very sensitive job, patients are dying and you need to be very careful with all medications, the vital signs-especially the vital signs…Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease you really need to help with the physical activity of the patients, the correct day to day memory activities.” Renato employs a number of techniques to stimulate and strengthen cognitive brain function and revive mental capacity as well as maintain physical wellness with activities ranging from throwing tennis balls and walking/stretching to memory reinforcement with family photos. One of his greatest joys he tell us is to actually employ his methods to “slow down the aging process, help them understand their situation.”

Renato would like to encourage his fellow Care Providers that “you have to be patient, jolly…especially if the patient is unhappy…be ready to sacrifice to perform your job”. He is currently delivering top quality In Home Senior Care Services to Donald in Huntington Beach Orange County. Donald is home recovering from a hospital trip that involved a heart failure and water retention and his specified needs were a perfect match for the meticulous Renato Umayan. Their daily routine involves breakfast, sunbathing, walking, cleaning, exercises, mental activities, and getting fresh air.

A-1 Home Care commends the stellar work ethic and efforts of Renato and his methods and we are all very grateful to have him here on the team.