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Success Stories

Maria Sanchez & Ruth

A-1 Home Care Success Stories August 2016
September 16, 2016

A-1 Home Care prides itself upon maintaining not only the most loving and attentive Home Care Professionals, but also the most qualified. Be it specialized experience in particular areas or formal certified, trained individuals, A-1 sets the bar high as to what Care Givers are selected to represent our company. Maria Sanchez fits the bill of both carrying with her 17 years of experience as a Care Provider and licensing as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant and Certified Home Health Aide. Maria lists Elder Care as her area of expertise “Most of them need a lot of help, most of them live alone, they have a lot of necessities-they need somebody to talk to, to help”.

Maria and her patient Ruth, 92 of Newport Beach in Orange County, enjoy regular walks on the beach where “the view is beautiful”, lots of reading and keeping up with the news. Ruth mainly requires assistance with normal day to day activities such bathing, dressing, cleaning and preparing meals tailored to her diet. And even though Ruth is dependent on using a walker, the two don’t let that get in the way of making the very most of their time together.

The last client of Maria’s left a lasting impression upon her. An Alzheimer’s patient who was a retired artist really touched her heart as the connection was made with the entire family as they rallied together to take care of the woman. Even though her worsening condition and symptoms saddened Maria deeply, the difference she was able to make in her life during her troubled time offers her relief. To this day, the patients surviving family members maintain a relationship with Maria and still keep in touch.

It was actually Maria’s husband who recommended she pursue a career as a Home Care Provider after seeing how compassionate and dedicated she was during her employment as a nanny to a young boy, caring for him from ages 3-16. It is consistency and dependability like this we see from Maria that make us happy to have her as a part of the team here at A-1 Home Care.