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Success Stories

Tamika Brice & Ed

A-1 Home Care Success Stories August 2016
December 23, 2016

It is the mission of A-1 Home Care to provide each and every patient who requests assistance with the most distinguished, honorable Caregivers there are to offer. It is with this goal in mind we have assembled a diverse team of Care Providers to fit the needs of any client we may serve. Willing and able to help any and all those who need her aid, Tamika Brice utilizes her vast experience of 10 plus years in Home Care to deliver superb attention and compassion with all of her clients.

Having begun at a young age assisting those in need, Tamika began with Elder Care Services for her grandmother as the building blocks for her career as a Home Care Professional. It is her greatest pleasure “to be there to help, to be with someone who needs me”. The satisfaction and fulfilment she gets from a job well done taking care of her clients makes the whole profession a blessing to her. Her keys to success in the field as a Home Care Professional are to “be patient, giving and caring”.

These days, Tamika tends to the needs of her patient Ed in Long Beach. Dealing with the stages of Dementia, his Memory Loss can be difficult at times but with her affirmative outlook and positive attitude the two are more than capable to face their challenges. Tamika lends her hand to areas of bill management, shopping, cooking, and helping Ed meet his social and medical appointments. In their free time, they engage in thoughtful conversations. It is patient Ed who has made quite an impression on Tamika with his encouraging words that let her know that she truly does make a difference in her client’s life. A-1 Home Care would like to recognize Tamika for her exemplary service in the field and her commitment to excellence.