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Success Stories

Maria De Groot & Diane

A-1 Home Care Success Stories January 2017
January 21, 2017

We recognize here at A-1 Home Care there are many things an individual must possess to thrive in Home Care Services. One of those being a big heart. It is her loving, kind nature that enable Maria De Groot of Rancho Cucamonga to shine as a Care Giver. With a Licensed Vocational Nurse’s certification to her name, Maria has been working as a Care Provider since 2003. Being the well-rounded individual that she is, Maria welcomes any and all sorts of clients with open arms, heart, and mind. With her background helping care for her mother at home to starting off professionally with Assistance for the Disabled, she brings a great degree of compassion to all of those she cares for.

Her most recent patient Diane in Cypress was in need of an After Surgery Care Provider while recovering from multiple procedures to treat a broken hip. The 71 year old widow looks to Maria to help her with everyday endeavors such as cooking, cleaning as well as attending physical therapy. Together the two spend free time watching television and sharing stories from patient Diane’s past which Maria particularly enjoys.

Maria has a simple message to those starting off with In Home Care Services “Try your best to learn things THOROUGHLY. Be there, grow, give the things you would want someday for yourself in their position”. You don’t happen across the sort of character and work ethic you see in Maria De Groot every day and that is why we at A-1 Home Care are beyond happy to be able to help pair her with those in need of special attention and love.