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Success Stories

Audrey Morales & Martha

A-1 Home Care Success Stories March 2017
March 25, 2017

A-1 Home Care strives to offer not only diverse and affordable In Home Care services, but to staff the most qualified and compassionate Caregivers in the field as well. A prime example of what we look for is our very own Audrey Morales. With nearly a decade worth of experience as a Care Provider, Audrey utilizes a patient and loving approach with all of her clients to deliver the utmost care for whatever she faces on the job. Audrey presently is serving as an Elder Companion to Martha in Long Beach.

There are many factors that motivate Audrey to do her very best, but she says that it is the appreciation from her patients that she can see and feel that means the most to her. “Knowing that I am making a difference in somebody’s life is the greatest reward in what I do”. Being particularly drawn to the area of Elderly Care makes her time with patient Martha especially enjoyable. Audrey says that her client mainly needs Companionship and help with day to day errands. Even in her advanced age, her difficulties with walking and hearing don’t stop her from enjoying one her favorite activities: shopping.

There have been many patients in Audrey’s career that have touched her life, but she tell us there was someone in particular that left quite an impression. “This one patient told me that she was very thankful for me and that not many people can do this sort of job..she told me she knew that I was brought to her by God to help her through this time of her life”.