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Success Stories

Josefina Lopez & Marcia

A-1 Home Care Success Stories August 2016
October 16, 2016

A-1 Home Care holds a great deal of gratitude for our kindhearted In Home Care providers such as one Josefina Lopez. While she got her start providing care for special needs patients, she is currently providing Elderly Care for Marcia in Sherman Oaks.

Before working with Marcia, she had spent over a year servicing superb personalized care to her client Ms. Elliot in Cerritos. Marcia holds much sympathy for senior citizens and the elderly. Having recently lost her mother and uncle, Marcia places much value on being a source of positivity for all of those she cares for and that makes for a special bond between she and her clients. She recalls one time Ms. Elliot was searching for her glasses and even though she was wearing them on her own face the whole time, the two were able to share a laugh about it. Marcia stayed with her client Ms. Elliot up until her final moments holding her hand and comforting her, telling her everything would be alright. That connection they shared and the closeness they created really made an impact on her as a Caregiver.

Her current patient suffered a Stroke last year and her condition has slowed her down quite some. However, it is easy for her to draw patience and compassion for all of her clients because as Josefina says, “Remember, one day you’re going to be in that situation”. As an Elder Companion to Marcia, Josefina seeks to make sure she clean, fed, comfortable and contented at all times. It is these areas of Home Care that she finds most rewarding. She strives every day to care for her clients with an exchange of lots of love and respect. She would like to share with her fellow Care Providers to always “Love what you do. And be patient”. A-1 Home Care acknowledges Josefina and her efforts as a Home Care Professional as well as the example she sets for her peers.