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Success Stories

Lori Shields & Bill

A-1 Home Care Success Stories August 2016
November 16, 2016

At A-1 Home Care, we are quite pleased with the family style approach of some of our stand out Caregivers. It is the love and compassion for others that is exhibited by our team which allows us to grow and be able to assist more of those in need. Lori Shields is a prime example of the superb quality of Care Provider you can expect from A-1 Home Care. A seven year veteran in Home Care Service, Lori could tell at a young age that she had the gifts to succeed as a Live In Caregiver. Her parents were in need of Living Assistance Services after an accident and Lori says the experience confirmed for her what she wanted to do in life-help others. Her job helps keep things in perspective when life can be stressing and reinforces for to never take anything for granted and to always pay attention to the little things.

While her greatest reward as a Home Care Professional is simply making her clients happy, she particularly enjoys the company she shares with her patients and what they are able to learn from one and other. Her client Bill in Long Beach deals with early stages of Dimentia, has poor hips and is near blind. Despite his condition, the two really appreciate their conversation time speaking about family life and stories about their respective upbringings. She strives to always make her client as comfortable as can be. Bill’s Elderly Care Service needs include bathing, dressing, preparing meals and the occasional assistance with the direction. She encourages the use of his walker which helps him get around and offset some of the challenges of his leg condition. Bill is a family oriented individual as well and enjoys regular visits from relatives which Lori feels really help with his memory. Sometimes he may ask ‘which one are you?’ to his Home Caregivers, but Lori says she recognizes family members well. A-1 Home Care would like to thank Lori for everything she does as a Home Care Professional and for the love and kindness she brings to her work.