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Success Stories

Trina Collins & Eileen

A-1 Home Care Success Stories February 2017
February 18, 2017

A-1 Home Care prides itself upon maintaining a top notch, diverse team of individuals from different backgrounds. Efforts in this area allow us to tailor fit the right Home Care Provider with each individual patient. Some of our Care Providers know from a young age that this is what they want to do, others have life moments that steer them towards being a Caregiver and some just have it in their blood to help those in need. The latter being the case with Trina Collins, daughter of a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Rancho Alamitos, Trina lists her mother as being an inspiration for going in to work as a Home Care Professional. Trina took care of her mom went she fell ill and then went on to give Elder Care Services to grandmother thereafter “Caring for family is what drove me to be a caregiver”. With her 15 years of service as a Home Caregiver coupled with her training as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant, on a team of all-star individuals-Trina truly shines.

Her most recent client, Eileen of Downey, was a 97 year old Dementia patient who was bound to a wheel chair. Her condition did not allow for a lot independent movement, but under the care of Trina, the two enjoyed lots of fresh air and going for walks. In addition, the pair would particularly enjoy court room television and playing games together.

A-1 Home Care would like to salute Trina for her dedication and devotion to helping those in need to the highest level and for being a part of the family here.