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Veteran Benefits

If you’re an Elderly or Senior U.S. Veteran or the spouse of a Veteran, you may be eligible for supplemental income paid to you by the Veteran Administration to help with the financial challenges of everyday living.

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"This is a thank you for Mary S. If it wasn't for her work with me each day for months, I wouldn't have been able to write this not...."

-Catherine J.

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Success Stories

Rose C. & Del Pilapil

July 7, 2014

Taking care of our elderly care service client Mrs. Rose C. gives Del Pilapil so much joy that Del does not get tired of fulfilling her duties as a 24 hour caregiver in Los Angeles. Del’s joy of service for Rose carries Del through the daily tasks of a caregiver for a senior since 2011. However, Rose is not just an elder care client, she is a matriarchal figure not just to her own family but also to Del, who also affectionately calls the senior home care service client “Mama Rose” and treats her as she would take care of an elderly mother.

Mama Rose also considers Del as though her own daughter, checking up on her to see if she has socks and a blanket while Del sleeps. Mama Rose cares back for Del so much that she refuses to eat a snack or meal unless Del eats with her, even offering half of her own food to split with Del if the food was given as a gift from a visitor.

The deep bond between Del and Mama Rose has developed from countless days spent sharing life stories with each other, exchanging jokes, and dancing around the house. They also watch classic movies, musicals, and TV shows, such as Jeopardy, Dancing With The Stars, The Waltons, Little House on The Prairie, and Matlock. For the senior care client’s snack, Del serves Mama Rose some tea with honey and cookies. Del truly appreciates Mama’s kindness and jovial personality.

What sets Del apart from any other caregiver for seniors is her genuine love for Mama Rose and her family. Their mutual fondness for each other makes their daily company a pleasant experience together. Del epitomizes A-1 Home Care’s mission of delivering compassionate care for our senior home care services clients in Los Angeles and Orange County. We thank Del for her exemplary performance in providing elderly home care to senior care clients, such as Mama Rose.

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