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Success Stories

Maria Orosco & Mr. Luu

A-1 Home Care Success Stories April 2017
May 16, 2017

With near half a decade as a Care Provider to her name, Maria Orosco is truly a stand out in her field. Having completed her schooling for Certified Nurse’s Assistant, she is quickly emerging as a go to individual for A-1 Home Care as demonstrated by her willingness to step in as a Caregiver wherever the call of duty sends her spanning across Los Angeles County and Orange County. Rotating anywhere she is needed, Maria lists her specialty as giving Care for the Disabled, handicapped and developmentally challenged. With a background in the Licensed Vocational Nursing on her resume, she is able to bring a wealth of experience to every patient she cares for.

Her most recent client, Mr. Luu is quite pleasant to work with. One of the things she enjoys about providing Senior Care Services is the brutal honesty she gets from these patients “The have no filter, what you get is what you get”. Maria understands that the appreciation she is shown is genuine and sincere and makes what she does all the more rewarding. In addition, she takes great joy in holding conversations with Mr. Luu and his different viewpoints on all sorts of things.

While Maria notes that she is impacted by all of those which she cares for, she recalls a client in particular who left a lasting impression “I had a patient pass away from skin cancer. He was able to communicate very well non-verbally” She notes his perseverance and grace in the face of his condition as a personal inspiration. A-1 Home Care is proud of Maria’s ongoing effort to do her very best in everything she is involved in.